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Econo Led Daytime Running Scans Decorative Ambient Lamp 12V


LED Light Strip Specifications:

  • 💡 Light Source: LED
  • ⚡ Voltage: 12V
  • 🔆 Brightness: 3000 Lumens
  • 🛡️ Protection Level: IP68
  • 📏 Length: 120cm
  • 🎨 Available Colors: White, Blue, Red
  • 📏 Customizable Length: Can be cut
  • 🌟 Special Features: Sequential scan mode, breathing mode, Meteor mode
  • 🚗 Applications: Suitable for various car lighting needs
  • 📦 Package Includes: 1 LED light strip

Installation Instructions:

  1. 🛠️ Prepare surface by applying double-sided tape to desired location.
  2. 📏 Attach LED light strip onto double-sided tape.

Wiring Instructions:

For Engine Start:

  • ⚫ Connect black wire to negative pole.
  • 🔴 Connect red wire to ACC (accessory) for engine to illuminate.

For Daytime Running Lights (DRL):

  • ⚫ Connect black wire to negative terminal.
  • 🔴 Connect red wire to DRL to activate and illuminate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kaia Adams

It looks very good it is perfect, I will upload image with the light on

Nils Kshlerin

Very nice product. Looks really good and the animation when startup is really cool!

Chadrick Marquardt

Still not mounted but it seems to work trying it only on the battery, I hope there are no problems when I will mount them

Hermina Jacobson

no works right 😕 😪

Justen Klocko

This is a nifty item.
Really enhances the appearance of your car :)
For me it was troublesome to install, because my hood space it was meant for, was 97cm, no more margin.
So really had to fumble to get the last few cm worked away without breaking the item.
Especially since you can not cut it shorter.

Nevertheless, it worked, and looks pretty cool.

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